Fuels Reduction

Assistance Program

A Camp Fire Community Clean-up Effort

and Tree Removal


Paradise Alliance Church, in partnership with VROC and EV Free have created a program designed to assist landowners to reduce fuels on their properties.

This project will utilize volunteers for weed abatement, raking leaves & needles, and cutting back tree limbs. Work will focus on clearing around the first 100' space of standing homes and structures (such as RV's and Trailers) to help protect from fires. If possible we will address properties of those that need 100' clearance around the future site of homes in process.

The second part of this program is to help homeowners with trees that are within the 100' space and don't fall under other tree programs. The purpose is to fall trees that are endangering current standing structures and future home sites for those that don't have the financial means to care for this problem on their own. 


Through community action, strong partnerships, and a passion to help one another, this program will strive to keep our communities safe from tree falling and fire dangers.


Note: This program is run by volunteers. We will do our best to assist every landowner that applies, but our capacity is limited to volunteer time. We appreciate your understanding.



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